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I’m a roofing nerd with extensive roofing industry experience – 25 years’ worth. I’ve been a roofer for both commercial and residential projects, a technical expert, a roofing consultant, and an estimator and project manager for commercial and industrial roofing projects.

I like the roofing industry, and I like solving people’s roof problems. Most of all, I like trying to help people NOT re-roof their buildings. I hate wasting money and using natural resources unnecessarily. is a new blog venture where I will occasionally share roofing information that I think others might find useful. is meant to be somewhat of an appendage to, a site I started in 1997 to help educate homeowners about roofing.

Both sites are a hobby only at this point. They are not an advertisement for roofing services. The information I post is based on my professional experience and opinions and all website work is done in my free time.

I hope my visitors find some useful information either here, or at

Thank you for visiting.

E.J. Sandquist
The RoofHelp Guru

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