Roof Drain Leak – Somewhat Hidden

I’ve come across the following scenario several times. This is not a roof leak, but a drain component leak.

Leak at a drain - note stains on insulation
Leak at a drain – note stains on insulation

Above is a photo of a drain leak. Note the stains on the pipe insulation. Drain pipes are insulated to keep them from sweating.

No-hubs typically have an aluminum jacket
No-hubs typically have an aluminum jacket

This leak was caused by the connector piece that connects the roof drain bowl to the pipe. It’s typically called a No-Hub.

Under the aluminum jacket of the No-Hub connector
Under the aluminum jacket of the No-Hub connector

What you don’t see until you remove the no-hub, is the damaged rubber inside. Most of the time, this is not evident unless you remove it because it can be hard to see from the top.

No-Hub damage visible from the roof side
No-Hub damage visible from the roof side

Above you can see the damage to the no-hub from the roof side. This is not always possible. This particular roof drain is 10 inches in diameter, making it easier to see the problem.


A CT Adapter doesn't have the aluminum jacket
A CT Adapter doesn’t have the aluminum jacket

My plumbing experts at Morrison Supply call this a CT Adapter. I replace all damaged No-Hubs I find with these because these are not covered with an aluminum jacket. So, hopefully, sometime in the future people will be able to readily see if there’s any damage.

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How To Patch a Single-Ply / TPO Roof

Patching a single-ply roof, like TPO, PVC, EPDM, etc., is fairly simple. I’ll explain it using roofer tools that are readily available for purchase online.

Below is a hole found in a single-ply roof. This hole was made by someone dropping something and it made a hole. Just an FYI – this would never had happened if this were an asphalt built-up roof or a modified bitumen roof.

Hole in single-ply roof
Hole in single-ply roof

Below is weathered membrane cleaner. This is a roofer’s tool. You can also use rubbing alcohol or WD-40 combined with Windex to get the oil from the WD-40 off.

Single-Ply Roof Membrane Cleaner

Below shows the repair area thoroughly cleaned.

single-ply / tpo roof cleaned
Cleaned Single-Ply / TPO Roof Repair

There are three manufacturer’s of simple repair products I know of. There is Eternabond by ADCO, Seal Fast Tape by Mulehide, and Everseal by OMG. All of which you’ll probably need to visit a roofing supply store for. You can also order them online. I’ve never seen them for sale at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are available in 4″, 6″, and 12″ wide rolls. Below is 4″. I cut it with a utility knife on a hard surface. That seem s to be the easiest. Don’t let someone tell you to use scissors because the backing is so sticky that it gums up the scissors.  It’s also good to round, or dog-ear the corners to keep them from curling up.

4" Wide Everseal

4″ Wide Everseal

Also what you see above is a roller. This is also a roofer’s tool used to roll the product in place to help ensure it’s well-stuck. It is not necessary to properly do the repair, just helpful.

For final application, all you do is peel the backing off the product, set it in place, and rub it in place with your hand and your done. I’ve done a lot of repairs like this and have never been called back because one didn’t work. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. In fact, it usually takes longer to find the hole than it does to do the repair.

Roof repair using Eternabond type product
Completed repair

LightningBolt!!QUICK FIX!! LightningBolt
If you find a hole like the one above, clean the area with WD-40 and then Windex, or just use rubbing alcohol.  Once it’s cleaned, put a piece of duct tape over the cut and ensure it’s sticking well. This will keep water out for a few days until you can get the long-term repairs done.

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